There is a new gif uploading system in place I have heard. I don’t trust it.

Tumblr Simulator


all you gif makers out there you know what i’m sayin


Still getting the ‘error uploading images’ message with gifs. TUMBLAAAH GET YO FUCKING ACT TOGETHER YOU LITTLE SHIT

Calling tumblr a little shit won’t get you anywhere. Try filling out a bugreport, print it and burn it. The smoke from the flames soothes gif nerves.

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At some point in the future we will realize that we didn’t really want to upload those gifs after all.

Gifs are like onions; they are really hard to upload to tumblr.


Me trying to post gifs on Tumblr.


Me trying to post gifs on Tumblr.

Every time you get the “ERROR UPLOADING IMAGE” error message; that’s an angel, not giving a shit about you.

"There’s only one thing I could never allow tumblr to become, and that’s a place where you see a lot of magenta gifs."

David Karp, (Founder and CEO of tumblr)

Some say a blood offering to the ancients can make uploading a gif to tumblr easier.

When you try and fail to upload a gif to tumblr, no one on the tumblr dev team can hear you scream.